He Let This Cyst Go For 25 Years, Doctors Floored When He Finally Comes In


When most people see something wrong on the body, they go to get it checked out by a doctor. One woman had a cyst for 25 years before getting treatment. When she finally went to the doctor, it was full of infection and appeared to explode like a champagne bottle once the doctor was able to relieve the pressure.

The woman goes to the doctor to have the cyst examined. As the doctor begins to look at the area, he begins the process of getting the materials ready to start relieving the pressure that has built under the skin. The cyst is rather large. The doctor appears to be stunned at the size of the cyst and the amount of infection that is present.


After a few moments of gently prodding the cyst, a large amount of infection erupts. It’s almost like a volcano or champagne bubbling from a bottle once the lid has been removed. The woman seems to be relieved, but there’s also an element of disgust from the doctor and the person filming. There is no reason as to why the woman waited so long before going to the doctor or if there was anything medically wrong for the cyst to form.


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Four years ago a man has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, so he had to take numerous oils to treat his problems on a daily basis.

Moreover, he decided to cure himself completely naturally and started consuming raw vegetables and fruits and finally succeeded in restoring his health!

He discovered the disease completely unintentionally. At the beginning, he started feeling thirsty all the time, and when he went to his doctor, he had already been in a dangerous shock.


It turned out that his sugar level was 29, so his doctor stated that his pancreas was no longer functioning. Namely, this actually meant that he had to take insulin regularly in order to stay alive.

He had no choice and started taking the prescribed therapy in order to cope with his illness. He regularly took insulin and became physically active by doing sports.

However, after some time, his condition became even worse, and he started suffering from other health issues as well, as he took to many medications, his triglyceride levels elevated to 16, the blood pressure was 150/100 …

Therefore, he felt that it was just too much for him. On New Year’s Eve, he decided to turn an entirely new page in life and finally solve his health problems.

Actually, he saw a show called “The Edge of Science” on TV, which interviewed Dr. John Zirdum, who consumed only raw foods for 12 years. As soon as the show finished, this young man thought about it well and decided to attempt the same approach. He purchased a blender and decided to change his life!

During the first week, he experienced certain temptations, but he overcame them, and the effects of this regime were visible soon, as his blood sugar levels fell to 5.

This was simply incredible for him, as he tried numerous medications in order to obtain the same results. As a result, he stopped taking insulin as he believed that his new diet cannot elevate the sugar levels. For any case, he intended to go back to the same insulin treatment if they increase. Yet, nothing changed, his blood sugar levels remained stable and he started losing weight.

In only 25days, this young man lost 11 kilograms, and this trend continued.

After only 4 months, he was a completely new person, he had 20 kilograms less, he took no insulin, but his blood pressure was 120/70 and the triglyceride levels were 1.4. He no longer used any pills and felt incredibly healthy, happy and satisfied.

Today, we will tell you the recipe of his favorite juice:



5 bananas
2 apples
2 kiwis
A handful of kale
Method of preparation:

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, and pour half a liter of water over them


Drink half a liter of this delicious juice in the morning, and consume the rest throughout the entire day.

More tips:

If you decide to follow this type of healthy diet, you should constantly eat fresh fruits, fruit salads, as well as tuna, since its use is recommended due to the high amounts of vitamin B12, which is essential for the body.

At the end, you will not feel hungry, as the brain will know that the stomach is full.


Source: http://healthybiofood.com/

Even The Doctors Are Shocked: Coconut Oil Kills 93% Of Colon Cancer Cells In a Very Short Time


Unfortunately, numerous men and women suffer from colon cancer these days.

Even though studies have shown that various natural remedies can positively affect the disease and provide beneficial effects, medical experts still claim that there is not enough evidence to incorporate them in the cancer treatments.


Additionally, many studies are supported and funded by large pharmaceutical commercial enterprises and most experiments are conducted due to financial profits, rather than health.

However, a team of researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia found that coconut oil contains a lauric corrosive compound, which can destroy over 93 percent of colon cancer in just a few days! These trials were made in vitro and in vivo, and showed parallel results.

The effectiveness of the lauric corrosive is due to its ability to kill cancer cells while reducing the glutathione levels and the oxidative anxiety. It can also be found in the breast milk and has potent anti-bacterial properties.

The American Nutrition Association conducted a study which also discovered that the fats in coconut oil“can be valuable in the curing and counteractive action of conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, viral ailments (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes and so forth.), biliary tract infections, Chron’s sickness, and cancer”.

Moreover, this study found that this beneficial oil alleviates the side-effects of chemotherapy and enhances the quality of life in cancer patients.

Apparently, Nature has provided all kinds of remedies and cures to all diseases, we just need to study them and use them properly in order to enjoy their benefits.





Losing a first tooth is something of a transitional ordeal for young people all around. It’s an indication that you’re growing up and getting more key. Besides, in the event that you’re like different people, it furthermore understood a little exchange under your pad out the morning from the “tooth pixie.”


What’s more, if you grew up to have family of your own, perhaps you took on the time-regarded a fragment of tooth pixie and slipping some money under your youngsters’ cushions to recollect that this new stage in their lives. Likewise, kids discover the chance to buy a touch of something for themselves, or like one energetic individual, show preemptive insight with an awesome thought.

In any case, what do you do with the tooth after you swap it out for a dollar? A few people keep them as nostalgic recognitions, yet distinctive basically hurl them. In light of current conditions, what can a shed tyke tooth really fulfill for you?

Considering all things, for no good reason, a basic entirety.

A study in 2003 went anxious are a rich wellspring of undifferentiated life shapes, which take after protocells that can be made into various sorts of cells if key.

That translates that if in the long run not far-expelled, a tyke needs swap tissue for no good reason, the foundational microorganisms from their newborn child tyke teeth can be used to build up the required tissue. Truly astonishing!

Possibly, the display of securing youth teeth could save lives and treat an approach of sicknesses. Analyzed on to take in additional about this astounding process.Losing baby tyke teeth, or deciduous teeth, as they’re truly known, is a transitional affair for youngsters everywhere.

The dominant part of us can survey that first little squirm that let us know a change was coming, and a while later the unusual nonattendance of a tooth when it finally dropped out.


Regardless, what we review the most? The surety of a cash reward, generosity of the tooth fairy!The tooth pixie custom truly turns absolute far, and some alliance it back to old Norse society, where newborn child teeth were seen as perfect conditions.

Unmistakable social demands the world over in like way have specific traditions including immature teeth.

For no good reason, newborn child tyke teeth really can bring magnificent luckiness, notwithstanding it’s less the unprecedented kind, and dynamically the remedial kind — yet current course of action is pretty amazing!In 2003, a study guaranteed that young teeth contain foundational microorganisms and that if spared quickly in the wake of dropping out, the undeveloped cells can be secured for a wide time period and kept if there ought to be an event of later supportive issues in life.So if you thought getting a dollar for your tooth was cool, then finding the chance to build up any kind of tissue, from heart cells to cerebrum cells, and repair hurt tissue is genuinely cool.But there’s one catch: the baby teeth must be kept new. Like anything, foundational microorganisms demolish and lose their quality after some time.

So fundamentally keeping your tyke’s newborn child kid teeth for a condition isn’t going to cut it.Instead, gatekeepers can use affiliations like Store-A-Tooth to truly secure their young people’s teeth.

The teeth are set in a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault, where the undeveloped cells will stay set up and usable for an expansive time range.

In case eventually not far-expelled, the adolescent, who may be a grown-up now, needs their undeveloped cells, the teeth are removed from most extreme and dispatched to their doctor.t seems like each one of the lifestyle that had superstitions about the power of youngster teeth were, strangy, really onto something!

In the occasion that you’d like to know more about securing tyke teeth for your young people or grandkids, take a gander at Store-A-Tooth for more information.



5 Doctors Dead or Missing After Discovering THIS About Vaccines!


Doctors save lives. So I can’t imagine why would there be people who would kill them when we need them to survive? Sadly, we all know the reasons why. Just last year, five doctors were discovered dead in different places. These doctors were reported to have detected cancer enzymes in vaccines for autism. Thanks to these doctors for being brave, they were able to conduct a very successful research that could save millions of lives in the future. But the question is, who do you think are the killers? Who killed these very valuable doctors? I bet you already have ideas. But before you share your guess in the comment section below, check out this record of the names of the doctors who were found dead, probably murdered by unknown people.


The trillion dollar medical industry is not about to give way to more humane healthcare treatments yet. A number of holistic doctors, one of whom was doing extensive research about the root causes of autism, were found murdered in Florida and other states.

Here’s the timeline:

1) June 19th, 2015 – Dr Bradstreet, formerly of Florida and now practicing in Georgia, was found with a gunshot wound to his chest in a river. The small town locals ruled the death almost immediately as a suicide, but many have their doubts. This same day in Mexico three doctors were traveling to the State Capital to deliver some papers and went missing (this is the only case outside of the US). Authorities said they found the bodies, but the families say those bodies look nothing like their family members and they are demanding more proof and more testing. A sad but riveting article was written about those details here.

2) June 21st, 2015 – Father’s Day: Two chiropractors, Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal (both reported to be fathers), both presumably healthy and described as fit, are found dead in Florida on the East Coast. We still have no cause of death listed in the articles we can find on either one. A few people have contacted me about Dr. Hedendal, 67, but admit that they were surprised by his death and still find it shocking. I’ve been given a few potential causes of death, but I remain uncertain; even the friends sharing with me weren’t totally confident their information was correct. Interestingly, Dr. Holt (33), lived in North Carolina which is the state where Dr. Bradstreet’s body (the first doctor to be found) was discovered two days prior. Dr. Holt was visiting Jacksonville, Florida, though, when he died there. Dr. Bradstreet (see story #1) was living in Georgia, at the time of his death and before that, he lived in the neighboring state of Florida.


3) June 29th, 2015 – The beloved holistic Theresa Sievers, MD was found murdered in her home.  Her co-worker says she was known as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida.” Her husband and children were in Connecticut at a family reunion. The authorities have been investigating for two weeks “around the clock,” and now say that she was targeted. Her murder was not random, nor was it a home invasion; when the facts come out, “…books and movies will be written about it.”, it’s that big of a story.  On the same day, Jeffrey Whiteside, MD, a pulmonologist went missing, vanishing when he simply “walked away”. Dr. Whiteside, known for his successful treatment of lung cancer, disappeared in Door County, Wisconsin, while vacationing with family. They say he was on foot and simply vanished without a trace; numerous reports call it “mysterious,”. They’ve been searching now for two weeks, and even colleagues have joined in (along with bloodhounds, drones search parties, and helicopters) but not one shred of evidence has surfaced in two weeks.

4) July 3rd, 2015 – Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick, MD goes missing. He was traveling from North Dakota, to neighboring Montana and his truck and trailer were found on the side of the road. The search has expanded but authorities say it’s like he vanished without a trace. He’s 6′ tall, with a goatee and an Irish accent. Details can be found in the link.

5) July 10th, 2015 – Lisa Riley, DO (Doctor of Osteopathic medicine) is found in her home with a gunshot wound to her head. Her husband called it in to 911, he has a prior record, and he was actually charged with attempted murder on his ex, Ms. King, before charges were eventually dropped. Evidence showed that there was gun residue found on Ms. King’s hand, and not Mr Riley’s. Riley’s story corroborated this, but King’s allegedly didn’t, and her story kept changing. At least that’s what the evidence showed at the time (click link in this paragraph for their story with details).

According to the mainstream media, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet was said to have been “peddling autism cure” and was under government investigation prior to his “suicide”.

“According to a federal government warrant, the offices of controversial autism doctor Jeff Bradstreet were the target in June of a search related to an experimental drug for autism. The compound, globulin component macrophage-activating factor, known as GcMAF, is one that Bradstreet reportedly used in “over 2000 children” with autism. Bradstreet, according to authorities in Rutherford County, NC, committed suicide there on June 19, after the search warrant was executed in late June.

According to the copy of the warrant provided to me by the United States Attorney’s Office of the Northern District of Georgia, the search warrant was executed at Bradstreet’s Buford, GA, ‘wellness center’ because authorities were seeking information related to “evidence of a crime and contraband, fruits of crime, or items illegally possessed” associated with violations of interstate commerce statutes covering food, drug, or other products that are “adulterated or misbranded” and with “frauds and swindles” by “wire, radio, or television.” Punishments for those convicted of these crimes can include fines and up to 20 years in prison.


Source: http://complete-health-and-happiness.com/

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