This Simple Exercise Removes Back and Belly Fat in No Time!

What if there was a way to fully transform your body in a very short time?

This article does not offer you some kind of miraculous potion or wraps, but a simple and effective exercise that will make your dreams come true!

Remember- we are not saying it’s going to be easy- we are saying that it’s definitely going to take only 4 minutes of your time a day!

In only 28 days, you will reduce body fat, and dramatically boost your strength and endurance. The difference after this period will be huge!

We are presenting the Plank Challenge, which involves planking for 20-45 seconds daily during the first week, all the way up to 3-4 minutes by the end of the challenge.

The effects of this exercise are due to the fact that it is a full body workout, and the engaged muscles are located in various body parts. However, make sure you do it correctly!


This is the plan:

Hold the plank for 20 seconds during the first two days, and increase up to 30 seconds on the 3rd and 4th days. Then, aim for 40 seconds on the 5th day.

Rest on the 6th day, and then continue planking for 5 seconds on the 7th and 8th day.

Hold the position for a minute in the next two days.

On day 12, you should plank for full 90 seconds, and the next day, make a break.

Continue planking for a minute and a half on the 14th and 15th day. In the next two days, you should try to hold the plank position for 2 minutes.

Plank for 150seconds on the 18th day, and then make a day break. Resume with 150 seconds planking in the next couple of days, and hold for 180 seconds on the 22nd and 23rd day. The next day, plank for 210 seconds, again make a break for a day and hold the plank for 210 seconds on the 26th day as well.

Hold the plank for 240 seconds on day 27, and on day 28, try to endure it as long as you can!

As soon as you finish the challenge, the effects will be visible and you will be amazed! Yet, do not stop here, and enjoy the miraculous results of this short exercise!



Exercises for Side Fat Reduction

Have you been struggling to get rid of that side fat but are unable to? Do you wonder what kind of exercises can help you remove side fat quickly and effectively? Side fat does look very unappealing and is generally the first to appear and the last to go.


What if there are certain super-simple exercises that can help you get rid of side fat faster than you had thought? You would love it, wouldn’t you? Wondering how to reduce side fat by exercise? Then you got to read this post and try out the top exercises that can kick off that side fat real fast!


Exercises To Reduce Side Fat – Top 10:

1. Starfish:

Starfish is a variation of Side Plank, which is a killer move for reducing side fat.


How To Do:

  1. Get in the side plank position and get hold of your balance.
  2. Once you are properly balanced, stack one foot on top of the other and raise your arm into the air.
  3. Now, lift the leg on top and straighten it. At the same time, try to touch your toe with your hand and then return to the starting position.
  4. Do 15 reps and repeat on the other side.

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9 Best Exercises For Belly Fat Reduction

Belly Fat is the most irritating accumulation of fat around the abdomen region. This is a dangerous health hazard because it can cause many internal problems. The most frequent problems faced by people with belly fat are high Cholesterol, heart stroke, hypertension, diabetes and many others.



Everyone wants their belly flat mostly teenagers. It depends upon what type of food we are consuming, but sometimes our good metabolism will help to maintain flat belly, even though you are eating high calorie foods, sugary foods, fried foods etc. If your metabolism is not good you may suffer with bloated tummy and fat around your belly. Muscle around your abdominal are saggy, they lead to fat belly. To overcome those problems. I suggest you simple exercises.


Causes of Belly Fat :

  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Over Eating
  • Dining Late At Night
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Poor Sitting Posture
  • Sagging Muscles
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Drinking Alcohol
  • Immediate Sleep After Meals

1. Reverse Crunches:


Reverse crunches are a strength training exercise that helps to tone and tighten the muscles to reveal a defined belly once the fat is lost.

How to do: 

Lie down on the floor with your legs fully extended and arms to the side of your torso with the palms on the floor. Your arms should be stationary for the entire exercise. Move your legs up so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and feet are together and parallel to the floor.

2. Standing side bend:


Standing side bend is one of the most powerful exercise to stretch your body and also reduce the waist and belly fat.

How to do:

 Stand vertically on the floor and bend side by side at least try to hold on for 15 seconds each side.

3. Double Crunches:


Most of us know crunches are right choice to loose belly fat.

How to do: 


Lie on your back with ankles crossed and hands at your ears. Bend your knees 90 degrees almost touching ground floor. Crunch up by raising your knees to your chest and chest to knees 10-15 times(3-4 sets).

4. Twist Crunches:


How to do: 

Lie flat on the floor, keep hands behind your head. Legs towards the ground and lift the upper torso of right leg and move your right shoulder towards to left torso on the ground. Do this alternatively repeat for 10-15 times(3-4 sets).


5. Vertical Leg Crunches:


How to do: 

Lie on your back with ankles crossed and extend your legs upwards try to touch your toes with hands shown below in the picture. Do the same as you done crunches. Repeat 10-15 times(3-4 sets).

6. Bicycle Exercises:


How to do: 

Lie on your back and legs towards floor. Extend right leg upwards by bending your knee and left leg towards the ground. Do this alternatively, this way you feel padding a bicycle. Repeat (2-4) sets with full effort.


7. Rolling Plank:


How to do: 

Take position on your knees and elbows. Lift up your knees by supporting your legs on toes. This is a plank pose stay for 30-45 seconds. After that try to move front and backward (rolling plank)


Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks With These Five Simple Exercises

People are more aware of their health than ever. It’s good to know that people care about their own bodies, and of course, the way they look.

Some decide to go for pricey gym memberships, “miracle” supplements, and fancy equipment. Others go for the easy way – exercising and healthy diet. Guess who is doing it better.

Eating healthy and being physically active make you happy. There’s nothing better than healthy habits.

We give you 5 simple exercises, and this go along with your diet. You’ll notice major improvement within a month. You won’t lose weight like crazy, but you will sure get closer to the body of your dreams.


  1. Plank


It’s one of the most effective, and yet most underrated exercises ever. This static exercise will give you those ripped abs, and tough shoulders. Take a push-up position on the ground, and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.

Set your body in a straight line, and support it with your elbows, forefeet, and forearms. Hold in this position as much as you can, and make sure you don’t move your butt and waist at all.

  1. Push ups


These will push up your body, as they involve every muscle in your body. Set your body in a plank position, and push your body up using your hands. Set your back, butt, and legs in a straight line. Do several repetitions.

  1. Squats


These will strengthen your core, stimulate a healthy fat burning process, and build strong quads, calves, and hams.

Set your body in the initial squat position. Stretch your arms forward, and start off. Do it slowly. Make sure your face is faced forward, and your spine straight. Get as lower as you can. Your hips should be in a parallel line to the ground, but don’t force yourself if you’re unable to do this.

  1. Bird-dog


Set your body in a plank position, and support your body on your hands and knees. Stretch one leg and one arm, on the opposite side, of course. Your body should be balanced and straight. Hold in this position for a few seconds. Switch arm/leg. The bird-dog exercise strengthens your lower back and abs.

  1. Lying hip raises


These will strengthen your hamstrings and glute muscles, thighs, back and abs. lie flat on the ground, bend your knees, and set your feet on the floor. Stretch your arms towards the outside at a 45 degree angle.  “Squeeze” your glute muscles, and raise your hips. Do several repetitions.

Try this 4-week exercise plan:

It’s an amazing plan consisted of 2 different basic workouts:

1st Workout

  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 1 minute;
  • Lying hip raises – 1 minute;
  • Plank – 1 minute;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute;
  • Squats – 2 minutes

Make 10-second breaks in between.

2nd Workout

  • Plank – 3 minutes;
  • Bird-dog – 3 minutes;
  • Lying hip raises – 3 minutes;
  • Push-ups – 1 minute

Make 15-second breaks in between.

As you may notice, you should have a rest day after the 6-day workout plan.

1st Week

  • 1stDay – 1st Workout
  • 2ndDay – 2nd Workout
  • 3rdDay – 1st Workout
  • 4thDay – 2nd Workout
  • 5thDay – 1st Workout
  • 6thDay – 2nd Workout
  • 7thDay – rest

2nd Week

  • 1stDay – 2nd Workout
  • 2ndDay – 1st Workout
  • 3rdDay – 2nd Workout
  • 4thDay – 1st Workout
  • 5thDay – 2nd Workout
  • 6thDay – 1st Workout
  • 7thDay – rest

After you finish your second week, start it all over again.

This program will give you a strong and tight body, and you’ll be healthier than ever. Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Doing this program will not only make your body stronger and tighter, but it will also improve your health and energy levels. You have nothing to lose trying this program, so you might start it even today.



10 Exercises for Lifted and Sexy Breasts ‘Defy Gravity’

Strengthening the chest muscles, chest lifted, look bigger and improve their tone. Discover weight training, Pilates training and home exercise for sexy décolletage.


The average breast weight is 1 to 2 kg, but speed which they “lowering” primarily depends on genetics. Larger breasts are normally lowering faster than smaller ones, and from youth to old age breast sizes on average declines of 11 cm. It can be remedied through regular exercise chest muscles. Join us in this challenge and find inspiration for your own training, which ensures a beautiful cleavage.



5 Glute Exercises Better Than Squats

If we’re being honest: No one likes doing squats, but we often do them anyways, because they’re good for our glutes. Fortunately, we’re here with five exercises that are even better!

We’re here with five easy exercises you can add to your daily routine – none of which take very long, and each of which promise great results.


1. Single-leg deadlifts with kettlebell

Take a 20-pound kettlebell in your left hand and stand on your left leg, keeping the other one slightly off the ground. Keeping your back straight and the left knee slightly bent, lean your upper body forward while extending your free leg behind you for better balance. Lower the kettlebell as close to the ground as possible, then return to the starting position and perform the movement with the kettlebell in your right hand and the left leg off the ground. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg.

2. Curtsy lunges

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart, hands on hips. Take a big step back with your left leg and cross it behind you, lowering the left knee toward the floor while keeping the right knee directly above your right ankle and the torso upright. Continue lowering your hips until your right thigh is almost parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 2 seconds then return to the starting position and perform it on the other side. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.

3. Fire hydrants with leg extension

Begin on all fours with knees hip-width apart and your hands directly below your shoulders. Keeping the knee bent to a 90-degree angle, lift your left leg out to the left side, then extend it. Pause for 2 seconds before bending the knee again, then bring the leg back to the starting position and repeat. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps on each side.

4. Barbell step-ups

For this movement, you’ll need to place a bench or a chair in front of you. Place your right foot in the center of the chair, while holding a barbell behind your head with both hands. Step up onto the bench and bring your left knee forward. Lower yourself back down and repeat with the other leg. Perform 3 sets of 20 reps on each leg.

5. Bear plank leg lifts

Begin in a plank position with your body forming a straight line and your shoulders directly above your wrists. Bend both knees slightly and then bend your right knee at 90-degrees. Squeeze your glutes and lift your right leg, raising the heel up as high as possible. Hold the position for 2 seconds, then lower the leg down and repeat. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps on each side.

Workouts for Women to Lose Belly Fat at Home – Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat Fast at Home (Video)

If you are struggling to enter the jeans you bought last year, and the extra fat on the stomach makes even the simplest activities hard, it is time to incorporate some changes in your lifestyle.

Despite being aesthetically unattractive, extra belly fat also raises the risk of numerous diseases and this endangers your wellbeing.

Exercises are the best way to combat this issue, so find some time to start exercising regularly and lose the excess belly fat. These are the 10 best exercises you can do to solve this problem:



Crunches are the exercises that burn belly fat the easiest so you should definitely include them into the exercising routine. Lie down flat, bend the knees and place the feet on the ground.

Then, elevate the hands, and out them behind the head or keep them crossed on the chest. Inhale deeply and lift the higher torso forward, and hen exhale. Inhale when returning to the initial position, and repeat. Makes sure you do 2-3 sets of crunches daily.

Reverse Crunches

Crunches can be of various variations, and these ones are highly effective for the lower abdominal fat, especially for women. You should tilt the legs behind simultaneously with the shoulders.


Studies have shown that jogging helps t break down the extra belly fat, and is even more effective than weightlifting.

Twirl Crunches

These crunches are an intense tummy workout, and you should do at least 2-3 sets of them daily.


Planks are extremely beneficial exercises which target the belly, hip and lower back. You should keep the body on the elbows and the feet, with the head towards the floor. The neck should be aligned with the spine, and you should look forward. Hold thus for half a minute. You can also try moving to and fro for about half a minute.

Medial side crunch

This is almost the same as the twist ab crunch routine, but it targets the muscles on the sides of the stomach.  You should perform 2-3 sets of 10 side crunches daily.


If you do not have a bicycle, you can still enjoy its benefits. You should rest on the floor or a mat, and place the hands behind your head or by your side.

Raise the legs off the ground and bend them at the knees.  Bring the right leg near the chest, and bring the left one near the body. Then, bend the knees and imitate the movements you do while cycling.


Cardio is definitely one of the best ways to burn fat and become fit. You will significantly transform your body if you consume healthy foods, and walk at a good steady rate for about 30-45 minutes 4-5 days a week. It is also a good choice if you are just beginning to exercise.


Working around the house or in the garden is a good way to change the exercise routine, you will lose belly fat, burn calories, and keep your heart rate up.

Up and down Leg Meltdown

You should lie on the mat, raise the legs and hips towards the ceiling, and place one knee over the other. Inhale deeply and elevate the upper body towards the pelvis. Repeat this 12-16 times, in two or three sets daily.

Here is the video



If You Suffer From Sciatica: This Will Unlocks The Nerve And Relieve Pain In Minutes

People suffering from sciatica know how painful it can be. The sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in the body, going from the hips and buttocks down to the toes. Due to the wear and tear, the nerve gets damaged over time, which causes symptoms such as sharp pain, difficulty moving, a tingling sensation in the legs and difficulty sitting and standing.

People over 30 are more prone to nerve inflammation and sciatica, although the condition is more common in pregnant women and the elderly.
The pain is usually caused by a combination of inflammation and the loss of flexibility, which is why it hurts so much when you try to move. Conventional medications do nothing for the pain, but luckily for you, we’ll show you a few exercises that will improve your condition and reduce the pain.

Exercise #1

Lay down on a yoga mat on the floor on your back, then bend your leg like in the picture.

Now hold the other leg and pull it toward your shoulders, then keep the position for 30 seconds when you feel the stretch. Take a couple minute break and repeat the process twice more.

Exercise #2

Lay on a yoga mat on your back, then extend one leg and bend the other, bringing your knee to the chest. Keep the pelvis near the ground and feel the stretch in your bent leg. Hold the position for half a minute then go back to the original position and repeat the process 2 times.



Eliminate saddle bags with these targeted exercises you can do at home

Of all the areas of the body where unwanted fat accumulates, the “saddlebags” on the sides of the hips, thighs, and buttocks just might be the most difficult to eliminate. However, with these targeted exercises, you’ll be surprised just how quickly you’ll be able to fit back into your favorite jeans.


1. Single-Leg Hip Raise


To do this exercise, lie on your back with the right knee bent and left leg straight on the floor. Raise the left leg to a 45-degree angle so it is in line with the right thigh. The knee should be straight. Paying attention to your core, press your right heel into the floor and raise your hips. Pause for two deep breaths and then slowly lower to the floor. Repeat 15 times and then switch legs so the left knee is bent and the right leg is straight. For best results, Women’s Health Magazine recommends alternating legs for a total of three sets (total of 90 hip raises, 45 on each side).

2. Grasshopper Beat

To perform this exercise, Women’s Health Magazine says to lie on the floor with the forehead resting on crossed arms. Tighten your core and buttocks and then lift legs six to eight inches off the ground, keeping them separated. Bring your feet together, squeezing your buttocks and inner thighs, and then take them apart again. Repeat 20 times, keeping legs off the ground and ab muscles contracted. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat twice more.


3. Sumo Squat.

POPSUGAR likes this exercises for its “bottom-lifting and leg-shaping benefits.” Begin by standing with the legs wide and toes pointed slightly outward. Keeping your knees over your ankles, bend your knees into a squat. Slowly straighten your legs and repeat 15 times.

4. Plié Squat with Lifted Heels

Continue building on squat with this exercise, as reccomended by Fitness Magazine. Take a wide stance, turning out toes and knees and slightly lifting the heels. Extend your arms out to the sides, keeping them at shoulder height with the palms facing down. Squat down, pushing the hips back slightly and keeping the knees over the ankles. Slowly straighten the legs, keeping the knees soft and heels lifted. Repeat 12- 15 times.

4. Dumbbell Deadlift

Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready for this exercise recommended by Livestrong for the backs of the legs, hamstrings and gluteus maximus. Place a dumbbell on the outside of each foot, shoulder-width apart. Bend at the waist and knees, squatting so you can grasp the dumbbells while they rest on the ground. Pull your belly button into your spine, contract your core, slightly arch your back, and look straight ahead. With your core activated, straighten your hips and knees, lifting the dumbbells off the floor, until you reach a standing position. Keep the dumbbells close to your body as you stand. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down by bending your waist and knees into a squat. Repeat 8- 12 times.

5. Side-Saddle Leg Lifts

Begin by lying on your side with legs extended and feet flexed. Lift the top leg six to eight inches from the floor and make 20 tiny upward pulses. After pulse number 20, keep the leg at the high point and draw 20 tiny, one-inch circles with the heel. Lastly, slowly and steadily bend and straighten the knee, keeping the thigh high. Repeat 20 times and then repeat the entire exercise on the other side. If you find it difficult to perform these exercises while maintaining your balance, place your top hand on the ground in front of your abs for extra stability, recommends POPSUGAR.

6. Clamshells

To target the inner and outer thigh, Shape recommends clamshells. This Pilates move requires you lie on the right side with knees bent at a 45-degree angle. The left leg should be stacked on top of right and the knees and ankles aligned. Keeping the core engaged and ankles together, slowly open the left knee. Pause for a moment before returning to the starting position. Repeat 12- 15 times and then switch sides so the right leg is on top of the left.

8. Kickboxing. Fitness Magazine says no exercise is more effective for targeting saddlebags and slimming down thighs than kickboxing. If you’re a beginner, try this 20-minute kickboxing workout video from Fitness Type.


For best results, perform three sets of these exercises four times a week for four weeks. Take before and after pictures and share them with us when you SHARE this story on social media!


10 Week No-Gym Home Workout Plan That Burns Fat Guaranteed

Regular exercise is vital for the maintenance of optimal overall health, and it offers countless benefits. Yet, the hard part is to start.

We will suggest a 10-week plan for exercising on a daily basis, that will help you burn fat, build muscle mass, and boost health. Yet, we should initially explain some of the exercises involved:


Stand, with the legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart, the hips over your knees and the knees over the ankles. Your shoulders should be rolled back, and the spine should remain neutral.

The arms should be straight out, and the palms should be faced downwards. Keep the upper body upright when the buttocks sticks out, and the back and heads should be straight. Go as deep as possible!



Stand with the legs a few inches apart, the back straight, and look forward. Then, step in with the right foot, bending the knee at a 90-degree angle. It should be below the ankle and pass the toes. Pull it back and repeat with the other leg.


Start in a high plank position, with the hands on the ground directly under the shoulders. The back remains flat, but you should lower the body by bending at the elbows.

While dropping, tuck the elbows near the body and draw the shoulder blades back. The core is engaged and while returning to the initial position, exhale.


Lay with the back flat on the ground. Raise the legs at a 90-degree angle to your body, cross the hands in front of the chest or behind the head, and bring the belly button into the base of your spine. Sit up until your elbows or chest reach your knees, and exhale as you sit up, and inhale as you lie down.

You do not need to go to the gym to follow this workout plan, as you have all you need in the commodity of your home. Get ready, you are going to burn fat, build muscle, and be in perfect shape!


  • squats (20)
  • wall sit (25 seconds)
  • plank (15 seconds)
  • push-ups (5)
  • jumping jacks (35)
  • crunches (25)
  • lunges (15)
  • sit ups (10)
  • butt kicks (10)


  • squats (10)
  • crunches (20)
  • jumping jacks (10)
  • push-ups (10)
  • lunges (25)
  • sit ups (35)
  • wall sit (15 seconds)
  • plank (30seconds)
  • butt kicks (20)


  • squats (15)
  • sit ups (30)
  • crunches (30)
  • wall sit (35 seconds)
  • jumping jacks (50)
  • butt kicks (25)
  • lunges (25)
  • plank (40 seconds)
  • push-ups (10)


  • squats (35)
  • crunches (20)
  • lunges (15)
  • plank (30 seconds)
  • sit ups (50)
  • wall sit (60 seconds)
  • butt kicks (35)
  • jumping jacks (25)
  • push-ups (20)


  • squats (25)
  • sit ups (40)
  • plank (60 seconds)
  • push-ups (30)
  • crunches (30)
  • lunges (60)
  • jumping jacks (55)
  • wall sits (45 seconds)
  • butt kicks (50)


  • first week – 30 second sprint, 30-second jog (repeat five times)
  • second week – 35-second sprint, 45-second jog (repeat six times)
  • third week – 45-second spring, 60-second jog (repeat seven times)
  • fourth week – 50-second sprint, 45-second jog (repeat eight times)
  • fifth week – 55-second sprint, 30-second jog (repeat seven times)
  • sixth week – 60-second sprint, 45-second jog (repeat six times)
  • seventh week – 65-second sprint, 60-second jog (repeat five times)
  • eighth week – 70-second sprint, 45-second jog (repeat six times)
  • ninth week – 75-second sprint, 30-second jog (repeat seven times)
  • tenth week – 80-second sprint, 45-second jog (repeat eight times)

You should remember to combine the exercises for the day and the cardio for the week, and always rest during the weekend to allow the body to repair itself!

The effects will surprise you!



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