Best way to a flat stomach fast


If you ever been tortured by doing sit-ups and yet you had slumped stomach now with this 5 simple rules you will achieve the effect of which you’ve only have dreamed.
Many of us are annoyed when you wear jeans and a surplus will emerge from the country side but the solution is bay another model that fits you. But that possibility it’s not even possible in the summer on the beach when you have to wear a bikini. The hardest thing is to lose those parts back side and women who regularly deal with such things it’s very difficult to get result in abdominal muscles.


Abdominal muscles are not so easy to achieve. Research from Virginia show that it is necessary to make 25000 abdominal  to loss 0.5 kg of fat. That is equal to 100 sit-ups every day for 7 years. With your inner side muscles with their strengthening your stomach rises up. That is why the area around the waist looks flat and firmly.

World fitness studies proved that stomach are the weakest muscles and tath many of us do not know how to use theme right. Tightening of these muscles world instructors recommend the following.
-Lie on your back with hands placed under the belly deflate the air from you and release the stomach to spread as wide as possible. Then press the stomach toward the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat it 8 to 10 times.


  • Tighten up your ass.

Your stomach and butt are connected. With excessive sitting can lead to deformation of muscles thus leading to strengthen the muscles that connect hips and legs. With that combination pelvis is going forward which brings pain in the back and spine stretch. From an esthetic standpoint excess stomach bulges forward because of those problems should use these exercises for buttocks.

  • To strengthen the lateral muscles we give you this next exercise.

Occupy the following position, low start descending so that your knee touch the floor, take out the hips forward and rectify back until you felt tighten on your side muscles. Thus, 10 seconds of each leg.

  • Eat foods for a flat stomach.

The abdominal muscles are not visible because they are buried in fat. Help them to see the day with the following diet: Eat more protein. Carbohydrates replace them with fish, dairy and walnuts so fat will decrease. You can use diet tailored to your blood type and also discard the sugars. The average American consumes about 20 tablespoons sugar per day, it unnecessary 330 calories per day. The sugar stimulates insulin and slows down metabolism. Hold diets that do not contain a lot of fat and also it is important to avoid alcohol.


  • Quit being overloaded.

Stop to worry so much. Money, work, and everyday people make bad influence on you. Cortisol (a hormone that encourages fat to build up in your stomach), according to research from the University YALE your belt is 4 times subjected to nourish from the stress and causing fat. When we are stressed more often we reach for fatty foods. We have to be relaxed.

  • Abs should be done less frequently.

For optimum results, they need to be exercised 3 times a week. With daily making the same you are not achieving the desired results. With excessive exercise thereof your tissue relaxes. Therefore we need a break for it to rest. Each exercise is recommended to do 15 to 20 times if it does not make you a problem. If you care about abs exercise them at the beginning of training because in the end we always boasting both time and energy. For your stomach to look great all this should be your priority and it will be viable to you.


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